Introducing: Mark Holland!

I've had the honor and privilege of knowing Mark Holland for almost 20 years. He's an amazing musician, a thoughtful and caring human, a devoted father to his children and husband to his beautiful wife Katherine. It's a pleasure to introduce you all to him today.

Please check out his music, buy it, listen to it and go see him live when he comes rolling through your town! He's funny, talented and smart. You won't regret it!


Hi Mark! I’ve known you for a long time. Going on 20 years! It’s been an absolute pleasure knowing you all these years. I’ve been a big fan of your music and you as a human being since I first met you and your twin brother Michael. This is going to be fun for me! Especially since we both share a love for music and our brothers! And all of us being friends is pretty awesome too! Thank you, Mark for your sharing your thoughts with us. It’s an honor and pleasure to know you!

So, question number 1.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where were you born?
Charlotte, NC

Where did you grow up?
Monroe, NC and Anderson, SC

Did you have nickname?
Mike and I were known as the Dudes. I was Dude #2

Why Dude #2?
Mike was born first so he was Dude #1. All the kids and parents in Monroe called us the Dudes, mainly because most people couldn't tell us apart.
Siblings? I have a twin, Michael, and an older brother, Jay.

Speaking of siblings, you know my brother Matthew. He’s a pretty awesome guy. What’s your favorite memory with him? (let’s keep it PG, shall we?!)
My favorite memories with Matt are hanging out in NY at Terry Tolkin's apartment listening to records. Terry was my A&R guy at Elektra.

What was the first instrument you picked up and why?
Drums because I loved Ringo Starr's drum sound on the Beatle records.

Who was your biggest influence early on and why?
The Beatles. All of their songs are great. I loved their harmonies and especially John's lyrics, but their rhythm section of Paul and Ringo was incredible.

What's your favorite Beatles album/song?
Strawberry Fields is my favorite song.
For an album, I would have to say Magical Mystery Tour.

Who has been your biggest inspiration and why?
The original Delta songster, Charlie Patton. He is what you would call "heavy" and he was heavy back in the '20's. Everything about his songs I love. It just goes to show that all it takes is one person and a guitar to move someone, spiritually and physically.

What’s it like having a family and still writing and playing music and juggling a job?
When you are a husband and parent, you never put yourself before your family. There are always compromises and challenges. I don't let music get in the way of the family or in the way of supporting my family the best way that I can. That means being at home at night, making a steady wage and having benefits. That being said, when I do get a chance to play music, I make the most of it. It is my therapy and without it, I wouldn't be the same person in regards to my family. The whole combination of the two makes me happy.

When you’ve hit struggles or challenges in your life, what do you do to overcome them?
I stay calm, work through them the best I can and, at times, have a word or two with Jesus. (smile emoticon goes here, he says)

For your grandchildren reading this years from now: is there any wisdom you’d want to pass on to them? What would you want them to know?
Being healthy and happy is the key to life. Love is the guiding force for that. Grow up to be a kind person and everything else will take care of itself.

What’s your favorite food right now?
Smoked salmon.

If you inherited 20 acres of land, what would you do with it if you had unlimited resources?
I would farm a small plot and keep the rest as an animal sanctuary.

What would you farm on that small plot?
Vegetables of all kinds.

What are you listening to these days that you think we should all be listening to as well?
I love to listen to reggae. Everyone needs to get past the stereotypes and really explore the genre. It is very spiritual music. I consider myself a white Rasta. smile emoticon

How can folks hear your music or connect with you?
Listen Here:
Connect on Facebook Here:
We also have a lot of our albums up for sale here:

Now a few silly questions:

Ribs or burgers?

Beer or Bourbon?

Pie or ice cream?
Ice Cream

Beatles or Rolling Stones?

W.C. Handy or T-Bone Walker?
W.C. Handy

Jeans or cords?

And finally:
What are you most thankful for today?

 My wife and children.