It would be impossible to tell you all about me, but I'll give you the important bits.


I've been a designer since 1998! That's a lot of years to watch the industry grow and change. Most businesses didn't have websites when I first got started, so my work began with branding, advertising and print media. When I saw in 1999 that the web was becoming more accessible to the average business/person, I dove in.

As I developed my skills, I worked in every field I could. I worked in advertising agencies, marketing firms, print companies, a trade show/museum exhibit design firm, magazines and a website company. I learned from anyone willing to teach me, and then ventured off on my own. I had a vision for a company that didn't just see the client as a paycheck, but as a creative relationship and a way to bring my own gifts and experiences into the world to support the work and vision of others.

My greatest love in the creative process is working in partnership with my clients. I found over the years that the work I do can be a very intimate process. It requires deep listening, awareness of the needs and goals of the client and the ability to hold the process (and myself) accountable to deadlines and creative vision. I have to be able to drive that process while maintaining constant consideration for where the client is along the way.

I've worked with clients all over the world...US, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Australia and England. This has created diversity, flexibility and an enormous amount of inspiration in my work. It also means I have office hours day and night.

On a personal note, I'm a mom of two amazing humans, an artist and a beginning cello student. In my early days, I studied dance, pottery, photography, carpentry, sculpture and art therapy. I even dabble in writing on occasion. I love the sunshine, horseback riding, my wood stove, yard work, a clean house, movie nights with the kids and hiking in the beautiful mountains I live in. All these things inform all that I do.